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Climate neutral event

We offer the option to make your event climate neutral! In that way you give a little back to the natural environment. And your event will carry the Climate Neutral logo. Read more

Organising a climate neutral event

Would you like to contribute to a cleaner world? We place great importance on sustainability at Hotel Mennorode. And that is why we offer the option to make your event at Hotel Mennorode fully climate neutral.

If you choose this option, we ask a contribution of € 0.50 per person per afternoon session or € 1.00 per person per night. The surcharge goes directly to projects managed by the Climate Neutral Group. They include the construction of wind farms and enabling the storage of biogas worldwide.

In this way, you contribute to a better and cleaner world. And your event has the right to bear the Carbon Neutral Event logo, so that visitors can see what you and your event stand for.

We are working with the Climate Neutral Group to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from the Mennorode.

Would you like to organise a fully carbon neutral event at the Mennorode? Please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to think it through with you!



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