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Green Key Gold

Sustainability in enterprise is no empty marketing slogan at Hotel Mennorode; it is a real experience. Within the limits of responsible commercial business, we respect people and the environment, inside and outside our organization.

Green Key is the instrument for entrepreneurs to run sustainable enterprise. This instrument enables us to save energy and, for example, look critically at our waste materials stream and the cleaning products we use. And it helps us inform our guests about it. Ensuring lower environmental impact (notably carbon dioxide reduction) and responding to corporate social responsibility play a part here. The Mennorode earned the Green Key Gold on the basis of the inspection carried out by the independent KMVK Foundation. Green Key is an international label. There are a good 2600 Green Key certified accommodations in 25 countries.

What do we do to achieve the certification?

  • We obtain energy from our own heat production unit and solar panels.
  • We use rainwater for flushing toilets, etc.
  • We use as many as possible environment-friendly resources and fair trade and organic products.
  • There is energy-efficient LED lighting in the hotel's corridors, and in your room at the entrance, in the bathroom and above your desk.
  • The taps and showerhead in your bathroom are water saving models.
  • We separate all our waste materials at Hotel Mennorode, and we have a strict recycling arrangement with our waste processing company.