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Responsible enterprise, our sustainable mission

Sustainability in enterprise is no empty marketing slogan at Hotel Mennorode, it is a real experience. Within the limits of responsible commercial business, we respect people and the environment, inside and outside our organization.

  • We source our energy from our own cogeneration (CHP) unit and solar panels.
  • We use rainwater to flush the toilets.
  • The procurement and use of sustainable services and materials are key.
  • We offer our products and services at a fair and competitive price.
  • The hotel corridors and rooms have energy-efficient LED lighting.
  • Your bathroom has water-saving taps and showerhead.
  • The paper on the desks and in the conference rooms is all FSC certified.
  • Mennorode sorts and separates its waste, which is then recycled by the local waste disposal company under strict agreements.
  • Our personnel policy is firmly based on ‘chances for everyone’.
  • Within Mennorode, we treat each other with personal attention and sincere kindness and interest.
  • We respect each other with a focus on reflection, inspiration and mutual contact.
  • The nature around us allows us to let others enjoy that as well. And nature deserves our deepest respect.
  • We use our resources efficiently and purposefully. The Mennorode employees are aware of their task and function and act accordingly.

Green Key

For Mennorode, sustainable entrepreneurship is not an ‘empty marketing slogan’ but something we all experience deep inside. Within the limitations of responsible commercial operations, we respect people and the environment within and outside our organisation.

Green Key is the instrument used by entrepreneurs that enables them to conduct their operations sustainably. Mennorode uses this instrument to save energy and, for example, look critically at our waste flows and cleaning detergents. We also inform our guests about our efforts. Apart from this, reducing the strain on the environment (by CO2 reduction, amongst other things) and responding to matters with respect to corporate social responsibility play an important role. Mennorode has been granted the Green Key based on the inspection carried out by the independent Stichting KMVK. Green Key is an internationally recognised label. There are over 2600 Green Key accommodations in 25 countries.