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All required information about the hotel can be found here. If you still have any questions, please let us know.

I would like to wish you a pleasant stay on the Veluwe on behalf of myself and all the staff!

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Hotel Mennorode


General hotel information

The breakfast buffet is served in restaurant De Eetzael, where you will be asked for your room number when you enter.

Breakfast times
Monday till Friday: 7:00 – 10:00 hours
Saturday & Sunday: 7:00 – 10:30 hours

You can check-out till 10:00 hours. The room must be vacated at that time. Later check-out is possible against a fee, please contact the reception for this.

There is a telephone in the room. Please contact the reception for more information about the telephone charges. Please note that these costs will be automatically added to your hotel bill. Telephone calls are put through to you via the reception.

The reception is available 24 hours per day under number 9 on the telephone in the room.

Other information

Adapters can be borrowed from the reception against a small deposit.

Bike rental
You can rent bikes from the reception. The costs for this are €10.00 per day for standard bikes and €25.00 per day for e-bikes.

Bathrobe and/or slippers
Would you like a bathrobe or slippers in your room? These are available at the reception against a small fee. 

Board Games
For a wide selection of board games you can visit the library.

For true peace seekers and nature lovers, Hotel Mennorode has a beautiful situated forest campsite with basic facilities. For more information please go to the reception.

Coffee and tea making facilities
Every hotel room has coffee and tea making facilities. The coffee cups for the Espresso machine (premium rooms) are replenished every day free of charge.

There are 2 computers and a printer in the library that can be used by everyone.

Unfortunately it can occur that certain things escape our attention, but please let us know so we can do our best to solve your remark as soon as possible. You can report your remarks to the reception.

Unfortunately it occurs that certain things are not reported during the stay, we really regret this as we have the objective to ensure that you have a relaxing stay. Plus, it is difficult to solve complaints that have not been reported during the stay as Mennorode was not given the opportunity to come up with a suitable solution.

Clothing repairs
Would you like some support with small repairs to your clothing. Please contact our reception for more information.

The hotel is not liable for personal injury, damage, missing or forgotten belongings.

If you follow a certain diet or if you are allergic to certain products, please report this to the reception beforehand so we can take your special wishes into account during breakfast/lunch/dinner.

If you require a doctor or dentist please contact the reception.

Do not disturb
Hang the sign ‘do not disturb’ on the door if you wish some privacy. Please note that your room will not be cleaned then.

The voltage in the Netherlands is 220 Volt.

In case of emergencies it is possible that the hotel must be evacuated. During the evacuation it is imperative that you follow the instructions of the staff.

Extra bed or cot
Would you like an extra bed or cot in your room? Please contact the reception. This involves additional costs.

Extra pillow or duvet
Our double rooms have a “Pillow Menu”. For an extra duvet or pillow in a single room please contact the reception.

Hotel Mennorode has a Fitness room that is opened every day from 7:00 till 23:00 hours. You can find the fitness left of the main entrance. Towels and water can be used here free of charge.

It is possible to order flowers, these will be delivered at the hotel. For more information please contact the reception.

Your room is cleaned every day and if requested you will get clean towels every day.

Internet (WIFI)
Free WIFI is available in the entire hotel. Network: ‘Mennorode’

Iron board and iron
An iron board and iron are available at the reception.

Laundry and ironing service
Guests can use the laundry service. The pricelist and a washing bag can be found in the cabinet in the room. Please give your laundry to the reception before 9:00 hours and it will be ready again the same day before 18:00 hours.

Are you looking for an exciting book or literature? In the library, situated next to the Grand Café, you will find a wide variety of books which you can borrow during your stay.

Lost & Found items
If you have lost or found something, please go to the reception.

The hotel has a locked luggage room where luggage can be stored temporarily.

A map of Mennorode is available at the reception.

Meeting rooms
The hotel also has 35 modern meetings rooms with the associated facilities.
Check out the meeting room facilities or contact the reception.

Public transport
Within a 15-minute walk there is a bus stop with a direct connection to station Nunspeet. For more information please ask the reception or check on www.9292.nl 

On request there are also special shuttle service options available. These must be booked 48 hours in advance via the reception.

Parking policy hotel
The hotel has free parking facilities. You do not have to book.

The hotel bill must be paid when you check out. Payment can be made in the following ways: credit card (Visa or Mastercard), debit card or cash.

The hotel has a limited number of rooms where dogs are allowed (max. 1). This involves extra cleaning costs. Plus, your dog is welcome in the Grand Café and terrace provided you keep it on the leash. Unfortunately your dog is not welcome in the buffet restaurant.

Hotel Mennorode has two playgrounds. You find the largest playground near the terrace of the Grand Café. The second one is located on the campsite.

Postcards and stamps are available at the reception.

Via the television in the room you can also receive radio channels. Please make a selection via the main menu on the television screen.

The reception is located in the Grand Café of the hotel and is available 24 hours per day via number 9 on the telephone in the room.

The reception has information regarding addresses and opening times of places of worship.

Quality, excellent service and personal attention are paramount to Hotel Mennorode. Therefore, we really appreciate your opinion. You can leave your review on the questionnaire that we will send to you after your stay.

Room key
The room key is a key card. Always take the key card with you. When you leave you must hand in the key card again. Due to safety reasons the room number is not mentioned on the key card. In relation to malfunctions do not keep your key card near your telephone, tablet or equipment or material containing a magnet.

Room service
Room service is available every day in the hotel from 7:00 till 21:00 hours. Please note that we will charge €10.- service costs per order.

  7:00 till 11:00 hours           Breakfast, please fill in the special menu card for this*
11:00 till 17:00 hours           Option to order from the lunch menu
17:00 till 21:00 hours           Option to order from the dinner menu
  7:00 till 23:00 hours           Drinks are available 24 hours per day

Dial 9 on the telephone in your room to be connected to the reception. You can find the room service menu in your room. 

*You must hang the menu card for your breakfast on your door before 11 PM. (Filled in)

There is a central safe at the reception. If you have any valuables that you would like to store safely, please contact the reception during office hours. The storage of valuable items is always for your own risk. Mennorode does not accept any liability if items go missing.

Sending and receiving mail (Post)
Incoming mail is kept at the reception. If you want to send any mail you can give this to the reception, you can also get stamps here.

Smoking policy
Hotel Mennorode is a non-smoking hotel and smoking is therefore not allowed anywhere in the building. In case smoking is detected in the hotel, a cleaning fine of €150.- will be charged. 

Shoe polishing service
At the entrance you can have your shoes polished with the shoe polishing machine.

Hotel Mennorode has a tennis court. The tennis court is open during the summer months and available to our hotel guests free of charge. In case of bad weather you can also use the table tennis table in the recreation room. Bats and balls are available at the reception.

Tooth brushes, razor blades and sewing accessories are available at the reception.

On your television you will find an overview with television and radio channels.

Discover the Veluwe and rent a bike. Apart from rental bikes, you can also get cycling and walking routes from the reception. Plus you will find plenty of brochures here and it is possible to order tickets for a large number of  day amusement parks, museums and zoos.

We gladly arrange a taxi for you. Call the reception (number 9).


  • Outside line: 9
  • Room service: 9
  • Reception: 9
  • Room to room: 5 + room number

The terrace adjoins the Grand Café. It is also possible to have lunch or dinner on the terrace. This is really recommendable when the weather is nice! The terrace is open during the summer months and when the weather is nice.

Wake up service
You can request a wake-up call at the reception

Safety instructions

For your and our safety you find below the house rules that apply in Hotel Mennorode. Everyone is obliged to comply with these rules. Violation of a house rule can immediately lead to denied access to the hotel and a report to the police.

Fire safety
On the door of every room hangs an escape route. Please do not panic in case of a fire! Immediately warn the reception by dialling 9 on the telephone in the room. If possible, try to extinguish the fire yourself with the use of the fire hose that is located in the corridor of the hotel. Never use the lifts in case of a fire! 

It is not allowed to smoke in your hotel room. It is also not allowed to use candles, incense or other types of open fire in the hotel rooms. In case of violation we charge a fine of €150.00. With repeated violation you will be denied access to the hotel.

For safety reasons there are camera at various places in the hotel. Every visitor or staff member of the hotel agrees to these recordings. In case of calamities these recordings can be showed to third parties as supporting material.

It is not allowed to take the properties of the hotel outside the building. In case of damage to our properties you are liable for the repair and/or replacement costs. The deposit or credit card details can be used to recover the damage.

Emergency exits
In case of fire use the emergency exits. These are permanently lit and indicated clearly. On each corridor there are emergency exits, escape routes and emergency stairs.

First aid kit
A first aid kit is available at the reception. Our reception staff is also trained in providing first aid.

The consumption, use, dealing or possession of drugs is strictly forbidden, both in the room as in the public areas, bar and restaurant. If this is detected you can be immediately removed from the hotel.


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