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Fair products

Mennorode spends a lot of time selecting the right suppliers. For this, fair entrepreneurship plays an important role. Meet some of our partners!

Slagerij Van Rhee | Pure and local craftsmanship

Mennorode collaborates closely with quality butchers Van Rhee in Uddel. These butchers still use artisan ways to produce their products, and this shows! 

We are proud to say that Van Rhee was also awarded one star during the ‘Slager met Ster’ competition, initiated by Vakblad Vleesmagazine (a publication of Reed Business Information). Slager met Ster is a competition to award butchers who distinguish themselves by their exceptional performance when it comes to quality, service, organisation, and customer-orientation.

Bakker Piet | Bread made with love

It seems so simple. Flour, water, yeast, and a pinch of salt. Kneading, proofing, baking... and you get bread. But there is bread… and then there is bread baked by Bakker Piet, where they make a difference by using pure grains, often from their own fields, milled by our local windmills. With full focus and respect for the craft. 

You can easily say that baker Ronny was born to the job. He grew up in the shop and completed all professional training programmes. Ronny's driving force is his creativity as the Bakker Piet business develops continuously. Even more tasteful, healthier, more sustainable, more home-made, and customer-friendlier.

Oranka | Juices with a heart

The juices we offer for breakfast and in the conference rooms are purchased from juice supplier Oranka. This specialist in healthy and organic juices has a real heart for society.

One of their projects is a collaboration with 50/50, an initiative by the Salvation Army that focuses on the reintegration of certain groups of people into society.

Peeze | Sustainable Coffee and Tea

Peeze is the only Dutch coffee roasting company that supplies 100% certified Arabica coffee. Peeze made a well-considered choice to only purchase, roast and sell certified coffee beans. All coffee has the Fairtrade/Max Havelaar quality label, the BIO quality label, or the Rainforest Alliance quality label. We also purchase their Communitea selection of teas according to this principle, which has unique links with Sri Lanka, where the tea originates from.

Climate-neutral | Our coffee is roasted via an entirely climate-neutral process.