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Authentic hospitality since 1925

Hotel & Congress Centre Mennorode has a rich history, and has been welcoming guests since 1925, providing relaxing vacations and motivating courses, or welcoming them for enrichment of self-knowledge.

Much has changed since 1925, but the core values of the "Doopsgezind Broederschapshuis Elspeet" (Mennonite Fellowship Elspeet) have hardly changed at all since its inception.


Original core values:

  • A house of and for people: Mennonites, and others are welcome guests
  • A house for meeting community and beliefs
  • A house for questions, doubts, and celebrations
  • A house of study, work and holidays
  • A house for people, rooted in the Mennonite tradition
  • A house in Elspeet
  • A house in the world

Although today we use the words 'guests' instead of 'people' and 'hotel' rather than a 'house' our original core values still prevail.

Guests at Hotel & Congress Centre Mennorode always feel inspired by the green environment, motivating programs, comfortable amenities, culinary options, and sincere personal service.

And we want to continue that tradition for years to come!