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Discover the treasures of the Veluwe!

The Veluwe has a long history, which has led to a very diverse and interesting culture. There are many locations with the glorious past preserved in the form of high walls and impressive fortifications that are still standing in whole or in part. Vast estates with stately homes allow natural beauty and history to go hand in hand in a nostalgic manner. Discover the beautiful historic Veluwe villages, the ancient Hanseatic towns Hattem, Elburg and Harderwijk or one of the estates and castles in the area.

And there are wonderful museums! There is actually a dedicated museum for just about every topic. You could consider visiting one on Vincent Van Gogh, Anton Pieck, castles, modern art, crafts, toys or the history of war. Experience the present and the past in the Veluwe!

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Het Loo Palace
Hotel Mennorode adjoins directly onto the "Kroondomein", home of "Het Loo Palace", as immediate a neighbour as it can be when you forget the 14 km of woodland and heather between us. You can buy tickets for Het Loo Palace directly from our reception.