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For the real gourmets... The Veluwe!

A crackling fire, wonderful food and a good glass of wine. When it comes to culinary delights, the Veluwe has a lot to offer. From cosy bistros to wonderful restaurants and trendy bars where you will have a great time. You can taste culinary delicacies in one of the Michelin star restaurants in Harderwijk and Vaassen. Or would you like to try a local Veluwe beer with a typical Dutch snack, the ‘bitterbal’? Everything is possible.

Cafés and restaurants on the Veluwe increasingly often work with recognised regional products. And you can taste that! This is because the primitive soil on the Veluwe has been able to develop over thousands of years to become a mineral treasure trove where the most delicious ingredients can thrive. That is pure Veluwe!

Regional products can be found in the countryside, of course, where they are cultivated and produced according to artisan methods, but also in the many cafés and restaurants and on the various tasting events the region organises, such as Eten op Rolletjes and Food Unplugged in Ede, Lepeltje Lepeltje in Apeldoorn, and the Wilddagen in Vierhouten, which all draw many visitors to the Veluwe every year. 


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