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Posibilities at Mennorode

Mennorode has 10 hectares ground that can be used for activities. This makes it possible to do almost all activities at our hotel instead of having to travel to different locations.  Look below for some tips and our partners;

Outing Holland More than just training

It may sound strange for a training agency, but giving the actual training is only part of the job of Outing Holland. Most of their time is spent on designing the program, planning the intakes and evaluation. During the training at Mennorode they support the (group) process, reflect and facilitate transfer of what’s been learned to the workplace. To learn more about how Outing Holland operates, please read on at They would love to inform you.

SOS Sport en Event

They make sure that your business-event becomes a thrilling experience, one that you will remember for a long time. A outing or sports day with your colleagues, a conference break during your meeting, a relation-day for your partners, a family day for all ages or an incentive for an experience abroad. SOS can arrange it all for you, and Mennorode is the perfect place for this! Read more on

Adventure Veluwe

The Specialist of the Veluwe , they arrange unforgettable outings and events in the region Harderwijk-Apeldoorn. With more than 25 years of experience, they have a suitable program for every staff outing, team outing, group outing or family day on the Veluwe. At Mennorode there is more than enough room for activities!

Border Collies Events (sheepherding)

The workshop Sheepherding is a result from ambition and the discipline to perform, to keep motivating yourself and to challenge yourself to go a step beyond. Filled with passion they show you the link between the workshop and leadership, communication and cooperation. They would love to show you the sport sheepherding and the drive of their employees and dogs in their workshop sheepherding. Mennorode has multiple fields on their terrain where this workshop can be given. For further information please take a look at

Jump on your bike to visit the brewery de Uddelaer.

During a 1 hour tour showing all the different parts of the brewery you will told about the following subjects;

  • The way beer is made
  • How a beer recipe is created
  • Which ingredients are used
  • The characteristics for different beer styles as brewed by the Uddelaer.

There is a possibility to rent bikes right at hotel Mennorode. In a short bike ride of 10 minutes do you reach the Uddelaer.

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